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Is Your Home Equipment Covered?

            Have you ever worried about the need to suddenly replace your heating  or A/C system due to mechanical or electrical breakdown? Replacing home equipment can be very expensive. Whether you are looking to insure the appliances in your new dream kitchen or just trying to avoid the high costs of replacing equipment that is essential to the warmth of your home, adding Equipment Breakdown Coverage as an endorsement to your existing Homeowner’s policy through Dukes-Moore is a smart decision.

            While equipment failures are more common than fire losses, most Homeowner’s insurance policies exclude coverage for mechanical breakdown. Washers and dryers, computer equipment, refrigerators, heat pumps, heating and A/C systems, home security systems, sump pumps, and televisions are just some of the expensive and essential elements of your home included in Equipment Breakdown Coverage.

            By adding Equipment Breakdown Coverage to your Dukes-Moore Homeowner’s policy, the appliances you use everyday and depend on for comfort and safety will be covered by one plan. You will no longer have to keep track of many different costly and confusing home warranties and big box retailer extended warranties.

            If you do need to replace these items due to mechanical or electrical breakdown, Equipment Breakdown coverage includes the added price of replacing your old appliances with newer models that are better for the environment, safer or more efficient.

            Most importantly, our Equipment Breakdown coverage is affordable. As an independent agency representing numerous insurance companies, Dukes-Moore offers unique coverage options such as Equipment Breakdown to help you reduce your risk. To add or discuss Equipment Breakdown Coverage, contact Dukes-Moore at 410-778-2346 and ask for one of our Personal Insurance Account Managers, Angela Lancaster or Stephanie Thomas.